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North Park Community Corner

Total SF: 61,199

Unit Count: 94

Construction Type: 5 levels of type III wood over 2 levels of type I concrete podium

Location: North Park, CA

North Park Community Corner (NPCC) started with the demolition of six existing structures was completed under separate permit, making way for a new seven-story mixed-use building that has been constructed with private funding. The building now features 66 residential units, including five that are designated as very low-income units, and 28 units that provide visitor accommodations. The ground floor has been designed for commercial and lobby space, and the building includes at-grade parking. Levels one and two have been built to type IA specifications, while levels three through seven meet type IIIA modified-R-2 occupancy requirements as specified by the California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11A and/or Chapter 11B.



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