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Mildred Street Apartments

Total SF: 56,382

Unit Count: 54

Construction Type: Four levels of type V wood frame over two levels of type I concrete

Location: San Diego, CA

The Mildred Street Apartments project, also known as Blend-SD, was a private housing project that involved the construction of a brand new multi-family residential building. The building featured an innovative design, consisting of four stories of Type V wood construction over two stories of Type I concrete construction, with one mezzanine level located between the first and second stories. The building provided much-needed housing for a growing community, with 15% of the units designated as very low-income units to ensure affordable housing options for those in need. In total, the building offered 53 apartments with modern amenities and 18 parking stalls. This underscored the commitment of private industry to addressing the ongoing housing crisis and highlighted the important role that private development can play in building stronger, more resilient communities.



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